Young Choreographers Festival

In August 2015, CID Dance Company was selected to perform their piece NALUAAT, at Young Choreographers – The Festival. The festival took place at HAUT SCENE in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Young Choreographers – The Festival is a 4-day festival that focuses on the dance community across borders. During the festival there were presented different perspectives on dance and performance. The audience was invited to participate in dialogues on what contemporary dance is and where it’s heading.

About the festival, the creators has said the following:

“We wish to create a space for development and research, wonders and amazements”. 


NALUAAT and over 20 different international pieces attended at the 4 day long dance festival, Young Choreographers – The Festival.


Young Choreographers is a platform for a new generation of choreographers, dancers and perfomers. They presented contemporary pieces, by young and upcoming choreographers from all over Denmark and Europe. The festival took place at HAUT SCENE. It also included the debate “Tendensies within contemporary dance” where Sarah Aviaja Hammeken was a part of the debate panel alongside Jannik Elkær, Vibeke Wern, Boaz Barkan, Benedikte Paaske and Ellen Kilsgaard.

Choreography by Sarah Aviaja Hammeken.

Dancers: Philip Granat, Caroline Navestad, Nicoline Persen & Sarah Aviaja Hammeken.

Music by Anna Rosengren Bruun.

Costumes by  Bibi Chemnitz.

Photos by Ena Kurtagic Granulo.

Naluaat 2015 | OhNo! Production.

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